1:1 Consulting

Personal consulting is the most direct way for you to learn the skills and techniques necessary to chase down your dream.

I meet with you one-on-one so I can understand your dream. I also determine what skills you have to chase down your dream.

Armed with this information, I create a tailored approach to equip you with a number of innovative techniques and skills not available anywhere else.

1.5% Weekly Group

1.5% works with people just like you. 1.5% groups are limited to 10 elite members. This small group size allows all to participate and benefit. 

But, our approach is hard, as in Navy SEAL hard. It challenges you at every turn. You must be willing to put in the work required to learn our revolutionary skills and techniques. We want people who can challenge the other members. Therefore, lively interaction and banter are expected. 

So, the groups are not for you if:

  • looking for a traditional approach.
  • You don’t like being challenged. 

In the weekly group, you will learn how to be a purple cow, a crazy one, and how to be the best person for the job.

Round Pegs LIVE Events

I host several live events throughout the year. There will be time at the start to network and share with others. Then, I will have a program where I dive deep into a topic of interest. This time will be interactive like the weekly groups. I want you to learn and to share your ideas. Following the program, it is time to continue your networking and discuss what you learned. 

Check my Ramblings to get information about the next LIVE event.

Round Pegs Retreat

A few weekends a year, I host a Round Pegs Retreat for a limited number of people. This is a full weekend away from the grind of life and business. You will be among other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Round Pegs Retreat is a place where you learn from and share with others in a relaxed, informal setting. It is a place where you can concentrate on and rethink the bigger questions.

More importantly, it is a place where you can recharge your internal battery, refresh your mind, and find new enthusiasm to make your business better.


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