The world came to a standstill in March, 2020 to combat COVID – 19.

To stop the spread of the virus, businesses were shuttered, schools closed, sporting events cancelled. “Stay home, stay alive” and “social distancing” were the new mottos.

Normal as we knew it ceased to exist.

The federal government joined forces with the medical, scientific and business communities to find ways to battle the virus. Products, that used to take years to develop, are now developed in weeks.

Companies, like Ford, quit making cars and started making ventilators.

Restaurants became creative to stay in business by using curbside pickup and deliveries .

We are not out of the woods with COVID-19. But, in May, 2020 the world is starting to reopen for business.

How was this possible?

We all learned a very valuable lesson:

to survive, we need to think differently.