"For the Crazy Ones, the Dreamers..." - Steve Jobs

I Create Mind Shifts for Everyone I Work With

Become one of the elite and you can help more people than you realize.

Start with the Why and you’ll see WHY I do what I do.  I’ve helped create shifts in many of my client’s companies.

Connecting People for

Over 24 Years


Who I AM

A Crazy One

Who inspires you to change your world

A Dreamer

Who instills the core value that you start with WHY

A StoryTeller

Who helps you tell your story in a compelling way.

A Purple Cow

Who coaches you how to stand out from the masses.

A Builder

Who teaches that nothing matters unless it happens.

My Tool Box

Inspiration: I use this tool to inspire others to action.

Dreaming: I use this tool to turn dreams into visions to be pursued.

Simplification: I use this tool to describe complex issues in simple to understand terms.

Storytelling: I use this tool to create interesting and compelling stories.

Making: I use this tool to turn visions into reality.


Juris Doctor (JD)
Marquette Law School

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of Illinois

Bachelor of Science (BS, Mech. Engr.)
University of Illionois

My Story

Numbers. I solved operational issues for businesses as a consultant for 13 years.

Law. Scratching an itch, I went to law school at 36; practiced for 4 years.

Small Business. I started my first business at 44; started 3 more over the next 20 years.

Giving Back. I decided it was time to give back, I now help others change their world.

My Core Values

Start with WHY – I get up every day wanting to help people change their world.

Think Differently – I can’t solve problems with the same thinking I used when I created them.

Challenge the Status Quo – Change only happens when I step outside my comfort zone.

Push Boundaries – I can only find innovation in uncharted waters.

Make it happen – Nothing matters unless I make it happen.

Some Accomplishments

Round Pegs, Managing Member

Geo Dwellings, Managing Member

Ridgeline Development, Managing Member

Sportworks, President

What I Do

Create New Mindsets for ALL MY Clients

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Help Companies Identify their Next Leaders

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